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Ordering Custom Stained Glass

Phase 3 Glass Works designs and builds custom stained glass artwork. Items shown on my website are available to order or purchase directly from me here at my Lake Elmore studio. Some of my work is available through my Etsy site.

Phase 3 Glass Works @ Etsy

All of my work is hand made in my studio here in Lake Elmore, Vermont. I work by myself which means that there is only so much I can accomplish in any given day. If you have a custom order that has a deadline then please contact me directly to insure it is something that I can fit into my schedule. At this point in my life one of my main goals is to avoid stress and drama and I like to put calm focus, love for what I am doing, and attention to detail into every piece I make.


For custom orders I typically use Glass Eye software to generate my designs. The program will create a jpg. file which I can email to you which gives us a good starting point for custom designs. If you send me a photo that you would like reproduced in stained glass I can create a custom design for you from the photograph and provide an estimate for creating that custom piece.

* For larger custom pieces I require a 50% deposit before ordering glass.

What does the process look like? 

*The first image is a photo of a dog sent to me to work from.

*The second photo is the design that I created with the Glass Eye program.

*The third photo is the finished glass piece.

If you would like to see my work in person I welcome visitors to my studio and I also have pieces on display and for sale at the following locations:

Rock Art Brewery, Morrisville, Vermont

Lake Elmore General Store, Lake Elmore, Vermont

Peck's Flower Shop, Morrisville, Vermont

Elmore Sugarhouse, Lake Elmore, Vermont

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